Killian Vermersch

Co-Founder &


An entrepreneur for 14 years, Killian Vermersch is passionate about new technologies and their use-cases. After self-teaching programming languages, he created his own web development agency, then embarked on a course at Epitech during his early years of study. During this time, he also became a teacher, teaching programming, and participated in the creation of a higher education institution: Sup’Internet, now known as Epitech Digital. In 2016, he co-founded, a natural language processing company, where he held the position of CTO and now serves as CEO. An expert in artificial intelligence, Killian is also committed to the ethical application of new technologies. He speaks on this subject as a speaker, with a focus on demystifying technology to respect sovereignty, explainability, and frugality of AI in the future of our societies.


Using Generative AI and Analytical AI for sensitive and critical markets

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